Domestic Violence

It is a common misconception that if the alleged victim in a domestic violenceor spousal abuse case asks that the charges be dropped, the case will be dismissed. Once the police arrive at a domestic violence or spousal abuse call, it is no longer up to the parties whether there will be an arrest. Once the prosecutor has decided to file charges after an arrest for domestic violence or spousal abuse, there are a myriad of conditions of probation that can ruin your life.

The Blanch Law Firm will aggressively protect the rights and freedom of our clients who have been accused of domestic abuse or domestic violence. We know the domestic violence laws, the prosecutor’s strategies, and the best ways to prevent a domestic violence or abuse case from getting to the trial stage.  Domestic violence and domestic abuse crimes can include the following:
■Assault and Battery
■Criminal Trespass
■Reckless Endangerment
■Restraining Order Violations
■Sexual Assault
■False Imprisonment

If you have been accused of domestic violence or domestic abuse, please contact the Blanch Law Firm at 212-736-3900.