Drug Offenses

Drug charges cover a broad range of offenses, from the less severe, like simple possession of a small amount of certain drugs, to the more serious, such as participation in an ongoing drug-related criminal enterprise or manufacturing and distributing drugs. Even minor charges can be terrifying, and carry the risk of serious penalties upon conviction; the more serious charges, of course, can give rise to even greater consequences.

At The Blanch Law Firm, we defend individuals that accused of drug offenses of all kinds involving all types of banned substances.  We defend those accused of:


The State of New York has an especially strict penal code for the prosecution of drug-related offenses. Under the Rockefeller Drug Laws, those accused of possession of four ounces of more can be sentenced to a minimum of 15 years in prison up to a maximum of 25 years or even life in certain circumstances.  The Rockefellers laws have similarly harsh penalties for distribution or sale of narcotics.  This is why, if you find yourself facing drug-related charges in New York, you need skilled, experienced legal representation with expertise in drug crimes. If you have been arrested for a drug charge, contact the Blanch Law Firm at 212-736-3900.