Robbery is the act of depriving someone of their personal property while in their presence through the use of force or fear. The property can either be taken from the person or from their immediate surroundings. If a deadly weapon such as a gun is used or the victim suffers physical harm, the act can be classified as “armed” or “aggravated” and the severity of the punishment can be increased.

Robbery is defined in the NY Penal Code section 160.  As opposed to Larceny, the victim of robbery must be aware of the theft as it is taking place.  This is usually accomplished through some form of physical intimidation.  Furthermore, as opposed to the charge of burglary, robbery does not require the element of trespassing onto real property such as a house or office building.  Within the crime of robbery there are three different degrees that are charged based upon the severity of the robbery.  The most sever of these charges, first degree robbery can lead to as much as 25 years imprisonment.

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