Mail Fraud

Mail Fraud is the oldest form of fraud statutorily regulated and prosecuted by the federal government. Statutorily regulated since 1872, the United States Supreme Court has repeatedly upheld the authority of Congress to pass the statute.  The statute itself is defined in 18 USC Section 1341.  The law prohibits using the U.S. Postal Service or any private interstate delivery service to commit any “scheme or artifice to defraud”.  There are three elements to proving mail fraud: 1. Intent to defraud, 2. a scheme or artifice to defraud, and 3. use of a mail service.

Mail fraud has stiff penalties.  The law has a statutory maximum of 20 years imprisonment.  In practice, mail fraud is often charged in addition to other crimes.  In particular, securities fraud, health care fraud, money laundering and insurance fraud charges can often be complimented with mail fraud.  As a result, mail fraud convictions, which already have heavy penalties, can be made even worse when paired with other convictions.

Due to the seriousness and complexity of defending mail fraud charges, it is essential that you retain a seasoned and competent attorney.  At the Blanch Law Firm, we have years of experience and on-the-job knowledge that can ensure you will be provided the best possible defense.  So, if you have been charged with mail fraud, contact the Blanch Law Firm immediately at 212-736-3900.