RICO Prosecutions

The federal government vigorously prosecutes organized crime, and even criminal conduct not normally seen as “organized,” under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) statute. When people think of RICO violations and federal conspiracy charges, they most often think of the Mafia. Today, RICO charges are commonly levied against “legitimate” corporations and their senior management in an effort to pursue what the government sees as patterns of criminal activity. At The Blanch Law Firm, we are experienced in RICO violations defense. We offer the finely tuned, dedicated, and relentless legal defense against RICO violations and federal conspiracy charges originating from any of the following statutorily specified unlawful activities:

■Wire, mail, or securities fraud
■Falsifying ID documents
■Counterfeiting materials or currency
■Interference with commerce
■Racketeering (using extortion, loan sharking, bribery, or obstruction of justice to further illegal activities)
■Interstate Gambling
■Obstruction of Justice
■Felonious manufacture, import, export, or sale of obscene matter or controlled substance
■Trafficking in stolen property or contraband or untaxed cigarettes

If you are accused or suspected of a RICO violation or any federal conspiracy charge – or even suspect you might be — you should immediately call the Blanch Law Firm at 212-736-3900.